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Why should I hire a personal injury attorney after an accident?

Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of injured parties after an accident. The average person is not well versed in the law and insurance companies use this to their advantage to not pay the full value of a claim. Powerful legal representation is needed to make sure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured in an accident we encourage you to contact us so you can be compensated fully for your injuries. Call California Accident Firm 24/7 at 833.CAF.LAW1 for a free consultation.

How much do I have to pay to hire an attorney?

As personal injury attorneys we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we don’t win your case, YOU DON’T PAY!

If we do win your case and obtain a settlement we then collect a percentage of that settlement to cover our fees and costs. There is absolutely no risk or upfront cost to you when hiring us as your attorney.

What if I have already taken steps independently?

Many clients often have already begun the claims process with the insurance company and find themselves either stressed and overwhelmed with the process or unable to pay out of pocket for their medical treatment. This is when they look into retaining our firm to assist them with the process. Our office works with cases at any stage of the claims process. Once retained, we will immediately inform the insurance companies to direct all further communication to our firm so you can focus on the main priority, recovering from your injuries and getting the appropriate treatment.

My insurance company told me I don’t need an attorney, is that true?

Insurance companies don’t share the same interest as you. Their goal is to pay the least amount of money on your injury claim. An attorney will be able to provide you with an unbiased opinion of your case and see if pursuing legal action is warranted. California Accident Firm provides free consultations to evaluate your personal injury claim.

Is my case big enough for a lawyer to handle?

At California Accident Firm we handle small cases such as soft tissue injuries/ whiplash to medium and large cases such as catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. We provide free consultations to review any case small or large.

Do I have to pay for my initial meeting with the attorney?

No! California Accident Firm does not charge for consultations. Please call us at 833.CAF.LAW1 to discuss your case.

I don’t want to go to court, can you still help me?

While we prepare every case with the depth and strength it would need to be successful at trial, at California Accident Firm we do our best to obtain a settlement before stepping foot in court.